Who we are.

Kintla takes its name from a serene area of lakes and peaks in Montana’s Glacier National Park—a place where we can be regulated and at our best. Kintla also represents a state of mind for our daily work where we are balanced, care for people around us, and achieve peak thinking power.

In this spirit, we focus on both behavior and emotions as a way of approaching challenges in safety, productivity, teamwork, technology, and leadership. Our team includes psychologists, engineers, and management professionals with practical experience in the day-to-day realities of business and an understanding of the science that informs what we do and how we work together.

"We were able to work together towards what was in the best interest of our organization, customers, and stakeholders. The transparent communication and the calm urgency served us well throughout all the challenges we faced."

Senior Leader in Healthcare

“Taking care of people is taking care of business.”

Bill Redmon
Kintla CEO