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Build resilience across all levels of your organization with a learning program tailored to your industry and goals.

Developed in the C-suite—now made for everyone.

Grounded in the science of the brain and more than three decades of experience, Kintla insights enable the leaders of iconic brands to achieve and sustain success. Kintla Learn offers the same revolutionary tools and assessments delivered by expert coaches and in a scalable, digital format.

Stress is on the rise.

Constant change, work complexity, job insecurity, hybrid teams, and a host of other challenges have made work more stressful. People need new ways to protect and preserve their emotional energy, so they can use it where it matters.

We can help.

With digital delivery, your organization can broadly offer Kintla's proven resilience building tools to help people be at their best even during times of change, uncertainty, and challenge. Organizations that offer their people these tools experience significant increases in employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

The Kintla Resilience Lab

The Kintla Resilience Lab is a resource designed to accompany any of Kintla's offerings to multiply impact and sustain improvements.
Learning Library
Core subjects people can work through at their own pace to understand the way the brain processes stress, key opportunities we have to influence the way we respond to stress, especially when we work with others, and learn practical skills for influencing our emotions.
Practice & Share
Simple techniques, tips, tools, videos, and examples that people can use and share to build resilience and increase their effectiveness.
Curated Content
We will customize lab content to fit your program and organizational goals. We can also deliver micro-learning through the lab with curated content sent to participants at pre-determined intervals. Delivering learning with optimal dosing and spacing leads to better uptake and lasting improvements.
360 Leadership Assessment
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Assigned Members
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Facilitated Workshops

Customized programs available for any level of leadership you want.

Learning experiences
Skills practice
Follow-up coaching
So much more...
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Self-Paced Learning

Kintla coaches help leaders learn and apply psychological techniques for recognizing and managing emotions that build resilience and affect thinking, problem solving, and relationships with others.
Holistic coaching model
Addresses personal goals
Addresses organizational goals
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Resilience Lab

Kintla combines learning experiences and cohort coaching to bring a leader-as-coach mindset to your organization. Leaders learn to shape behavior and motivate people with Kintla's simple toolkit.
Learning experiences
Skills practice
Follow-up coaching
So much more...
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