The workplace is changing.

Virtual work is creating new challenges. The drivers of employee motivation and loyalty are changing. A younger generation with a unique vision for what work should look like is rapidly entering the workplace.

How can leaders bring out the best in people?

Effective leadership in this environment requires emotional intelligence. To improve outcomes, leaders need to look beyond systems and focus on the people within them.
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Comprehensive Programs

Customized programs available for any level of leadership you want.

Learning experiences
Skills practice
Follow-up coaching
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Kintla coaches help leaders learn and apply psychological techniques for recognizing and managing emotions that build resilience and affect thinking, problem solving, and relationships with others.
Holistic coaching model
Addresses personal goals
Addresses organizational goals
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Performance Coaching

Kintla combines learning experiences and cohort coaching to bring a leader-as-coach mindset to your organization. Leaders learn to shape behavior and motivate people with Kintla's simple toolkit.
Learning experiences
Skills practice
Follow-up coaching
So much more...
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Common Questions

Is there an education discount?

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Can I add seats to Starter?

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When does the beta end?

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What's your biggest leadership challenge?

“Kintla delivers simple, practical concepts of behaviors that are easily understood and can be applied in an effortless approach with big results.”

COO, Financial Services