Resilient Teams

Great teamwork doesn't happen by chance.

The best teams are developed in a systematic and intentional way from inception to high performance.

We can help.

We apply principles of behavioral science and neuroscience to assess collaborative capacity and deliver interventions that drive a one-team culture.
Our perspective on building Fearless Teams

The teams we've worked with...

Understand and attend to their emotions, creating psychological safety.

Cultivate clear systems of accountability grounded in shared objectives.

Build trust between teams and individuals, resolving issues before they become disputes.

Deliver quality under challenging conditions.

"Finally, a practical approach to team building that team members can apply immediately to identify real issues that lead to better outcomes."

Senior Executive, FinTech

“We had the best product launch in the history of our company as a result of our preparation and collaboration. We were able to get the most out of our matrix. We prepared for every contingency, got ready in record time, and were able to manage the challenges we faced calmly and effectively.”

Head of Marketing, BioPharma

“Because we were able to listen to each other, we were able to get the most out of what each of us had to offer. This process helped get our positions on the table, and we were able to come to an agreement with all the facts rather than try to make decisions that protected our silos.”

Site Leader, Manufacturing

What's your adventure?

Whether you need to select a partner organization, kickstart a new team, or improve collaboration within your team, among multiple teams, or between two organizations, there's a Resilient Teams program made for you.


Who's in—who's out?

In the age of hybrid work, it's a challenge to keep everyone included. Giving teams access to virtual communication platforms isn't enough. Leaders must intentionally build emotional and psychological connection within their teams.

Familiar challenges, supercharged.

Ambiguity around responsibilities, roles, and processes threatened to push teams off track before the dawn of hybrid work. Now more than ever, teams need to work proactively to cultivate clarity.

Give your team a leg-up.

Traditional learning won't trigger the transformation teams need to face the challenges of today. That's why Resilient Teams programs use behavioral science to help people change the way they collaborate.
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The matrix tradeoff.

While matrix organizations benefit from cross-functional operations, their structure complicates the coordination of activities. Understanding motivation and lines of influence is critical to the purpose of the team.

A dilemma for employees.

Colleagues serving multiple teams must choose where to invest their valuable time and energy. Forced to divide their bandwidth and loyalty, some struggle to maintain clarity around their roles and responsibilities.

Team integration that just works.

Kintla understands that the success of matrix organizations hinges on intangibles like motivation, influence, and trust. Resilient Teams helps individuals build practical skills that unleash these elusive drivers of productivity.
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Partnering is hard work.

Collaboration and Teaming requires time, trust, and energy. All parties need to be committed to partnership, or else they risk investing resources in a purely transactional relationship.

Know what you're getting into.

Kintla's battery of assessments gives teams considering partnership insight into their alignment and identifies what they need to do to pursue a working relationship.

Let us help you meet your match.

Resilient Teams helps organizations that have committed to partnership shift from a dynamic where one party dominates into true collaboration as equals.
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