Theresa A. Ruby

Senior Consultant

Theresa has worked as an internal executive and as an external coach/consultant.  She has helped her clients gain improved career and organizational success, improved team performance, resolution of longstanding conflicts, and better working relationships.

As VP of Culture Change, Leadership & HR in a $6 billion commodity brokerage firm, she successfully addressed the company’s strategic imperative to develop its current and future leaders. She achieved this through executive coaching and leadership development with 120 executives and top managers. In another VP role of a publicly traded company with approximately 2,300 employees, she successfully led the company’s cultural change mandate, which required breaking down department silos, building teams, and motivating people. She provided executive coaching and team facilitation—giving leaders the tools to drive performance in a “feedback-rich” environment.

As Corporate Director of Leadership for a $30-billion/year EPC corporation, Theresa served as an executive coach and team facilitator to several of its high-level leaders, including SVPs, VPs, and the CEO.

In recent years, Theresa has worked as an external executive coach and consultant throughout the world. Her engineering, business, executive, leadership and organizational behavior background give her a unique blend of strategic insight, sensitivity and pragmatism.

Theresa is co-author of four books on Potentialism, which outlines the ways people and organizations can unleash latent potential to improve their success. In addition, she has served as president and chairperson of Women in Business, San Francisco; and as co-founder of the GlobalHouse Group, a mix of nonprofit and social profit organizations providing a pragmatic vehicle to help resolve personal, social and economic problems. Recently, she worked with the top political leaders, President and Prime Minister of Nepal, where she helped mediate an end to their civil war. Theresa holds a Masters in International Business Relations.