Safety is made in the moment.

While safety processes, PPE, and other hardware form an essential layer of protection for everyone on a worksite, they fail the moment someone shifts into autopilot. Our strategies work because they address the root of the problem. People need new ways to keep their thinking brains engaged as they complete the familiar but dangerous tasks they do every day.

We can help.

We apply principles of neuroscience to teach people who work in hazardous professions how to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Kintla's Focus4Safety program enhances existing safety management programs and processes to bring repeated attention to immediate risks and controls for specific activities at the worksite. Participants learn to maintain and balance situational awareness and task awareness throughout their day, in environments both strange and familiar. Our approach is to enhance existing safety management programs with 4 techniques to overcome risks posed by natural drift and elevated stress levels.

The 4 Techniques

Using micro-goals in daily work activity planning to keep worker attention on task and on safety risks

Learning to identify drift and ways of bringing workers back to full attention on a regular basis

Regulating negative emotions to stay out of the red zone

Engaging safety professionals, supervisors, and workers in tracking the quality of daily risk management and giving frequent feedback on use of the tools

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Focus4Safety is fully customizable and can be adapted to safety management programs at any stage of development. Program implementation includes preparing the organization, pilot testing, implementation and evaluation, and helping the organization to sustain the program.

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