A Neurobehavioral Approach

Understanding the brain is the best way to understand ourselves.

The human brain has evolved very little over the last 10,000 years. The same systems that evolved to keep us alive in a perilous world now hinder us—hijacking our emotions, our attention, and our best intentions for our work and our relationships with others.

See it to believe it.

Powerful and intuitive models like the Regulation Curve help people visualize the different levels of the brain and how they work together to affect our emotions, thinking, and relationships.

The Regulation Curve shows that some stress is necessary to keep us engaged and performing well. Every minute of every day, our effectiveness in life changes based on how we handle stress. Too much unmanaged stress leads to high reactivity and low performance. Too little stress and we enter the Gray Zone, where we tend to lose focus and become less effective.

Practice with purpose.

During Kintla programs, people practice the skills they need to stay aware of their emotions and make small adjustments that optimize their state of mind and connectedness with others.

Get results with a science-backed approach.