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We help organizations cultivate resilience based on the science of the human brain.
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Resilience Training makes a difference.

We make emotional intelligence practical.

Kintla’s programs teach people the skills they need to stay aware of their emotions and make small adjustments moment-to-moment in order to optimize their state of mind and connectedness with others. This leads to improved quality, safety, productivity, and engagement.
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Unique programs for teams within an organization or partnering on a project. Learn more.
Programs that teach people who work in hazardous professions how to keep themselves and those around them safe. Learn more.

Check your emotions at the door? It doesn't work.

Decades of research show that work quality and satisfaction are directly linked to emotional intelligence. But 80% of all employees are disengaged from work and their organizations. This is especially true in organizations where people cope with high complexity, job insecurity, new technology, cross-cultural differences, and other stressors that keep them off balance.
If we know so much, why can't we close this gap?

The human brain offers a solution.

The brain is the seat of emotion, dictating how we feel, how we work, and how we interact with others. Kintla's team of psychologists and neuroscientists has spent a decade testing a practical way to lessen the impact of stress by understanding and influencing our emotions, developing simple yet powerful ways to address a range of business challenges in safety, productivity and engagement, leadership, and collaboration by understanding and influencing our emotions.
How do we make neuroscience work for us?

"I just can't forget that curve."

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This is what we offer.

From off-the-shelf to tailor made, it all comes together in a package that fits your needs.
Targeted strategies focused on solving business challenges.
Assessments that help teams and individuals learn about themselves.
Digital learning accessible beyond the meeting room.

Resilience Training makes a difference.


Return on investment for each dollar invested in resilience-building.


Average reduction in depression symptoms.


Decrease in resilience risk factors.