Adapt, Learn & Lead in the new workplace.

We help people change their Daily Operating Rhythm to improve business performance.


The New Workplace

Businesses are challenged to deliver results in an increasingly complex world. The workplace is ever-changing and the workforce is, too. Employees of the new workplace demand greater mobility, new technologies require time and attention, and work is done virtually across locations and cultures. People are often exhausted from the constant complexity and intensity of work life.


The New Worker

  • 3 in 5 workers believe they do not need to work in an office to be productive
  • 20% of US workers think the ability to work remotely should be a right
  • 86% of college graduates say they would consider leaving a company whose values didn't align with theirs
  • career development and leadership opportunities now outweigh compensation and rewards as incentives for employee retention

The Solutions Can Be Overwhelming

Multiple initiatives compete for limited mindshare and energy. The combined "solution" overwhelms people's ability to respond effectively.

A Simpler, Integrated Approach Is Needed

Small shifts in Daily Operating Rhythm have a powerful cumulative effect on cultures, customers, and businesses.

An effective Daily Operating Rhythm helps balance day-to-day work demands with emotional capacity and develop micro-patterns that are realistic and sustainable.

Our Services    

Kintla® offers a fresh perspective on a range of organization and business challenges including leadership development, innovation, strategy execution, high performance teams, new ways of building and shaping organizational cultures, and improved business results. We deliver three major types of service—learning, coaching, and change management. We start by defining client needs and leveraging our tools and techniques to design practical solutions. We then engage people in joint development of solutions to improve their own leadership and strengthen their organizations. Through self-assessment and peer feedback, we help our clients increase their self-awareness and improve their Daily Operating Rhythm. We also help them understand how to leverage their strengths to achieve the missions of their organizations, build teams, and strengthen collaboration with peers. Our evidence-based methods were developed using a neurobehavioral model, which leverages both behavioral psychology and neuroscience.  

Our Team

Kintla® is privately-owned and based in San Francisco, CA. The company was established in 2013 by Jim Illich and Dr. Bruce Perry who brought together their interests in improving organizations and expanding the application of neurobehavioral science. In 2014, CEO Bill Redmon joined the company to lead Kintla’s executive coaching practice and to build a team of expert coaches to support our clients. Our team members are experienced in coaching and have a clear understanding of the link between leadership behavior and business success. We understand how to help clients assess their needs for improvement, identify practical ways of improving relevant skills, and develop teams and cultures that drive high performance.

Kintla’s Business Profile

Kintla® consultants and coaches have developed strong relationships with a significant group of global clients across multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, engineering, industrial minerals, and software. Most of our work is at the senior executive level, including engagements with CEOs and their leadership teams.

We collaborate with clients and their employees to develop effective leadership, learning, and execution in the new workplace.